Atlanta Colon & Rectal Surgery is committed to delivering extraordinary care with a compassionate and individualized approach. We offer a complete experience for our patients each step of the way; from introduction and diagnosis, treatment and delivery, and to recovery and rehabilitation. We are colon and rectal specialists who are experts in the medical and surgical treatment of all diseases of the intestine, colon, rectum, and anus. Our physicians and skilled healthcare ancillary staff will listen to your complaints and concerns and will guide you through your definitive remedy

Atlanta Colon & Rectal Surgery has established Centers of Excellence in several areas of colorectal disease management. Our nationally renowned physicians are specialty trained and are in the forefront of emerging colorectal disease treatments and procedures. They are well recognized leaders in their field and have passed on their expertise to other colorectal surgeons. The establishment of these centers ensures patients are properly educated about their condition and receive safe, thorough, and state-of-the-art treatment.

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Center of Excellence: Fecal Incontinence

The physicians of Atlanta Colon & Rectal Surgery have been dedicated to helping patients who suffer from fecal incontinence (FI) for decades. In fact, many of the physicians of ACRS have been leaders, innovators, and pioneers in the developments, improvements, and advances in surgical therapy for FI. The myriad of diagnostic tests and possible treatments has evolved over the past 50 years, and the surgeons of ACRS are considered experts in their field for this disabling condition. A center of excellence is described as a team, or an entity that provides leadership, best practices, research, support and/or training for a specific area. Since many of the innovative, unique, and modern surgical treatments were originated and perfected out of the hands of the surgeons of ACRS, patients travel from hundreds of miles to speak to our surgeons and in the attempt to restore to a more normal life without the fear of this embarrassing condition.

Center of Excellence: Colonoscopy & Cancer Screening

Colon cancer is the second most common cancer in the United States with approximately 250,000 new cases each year. One of the most important services we offer is our colon cancer screenings. Through an essentially painless 15 minute exam, we try to help prevent patients from developing colon cancer. By removing colon polyps, which is easy, painless, and almost entirely free of potential complications, colon cancer is often averted in our patients.

Center of Excellence: Hemorrhoid Center

Hemorrhoids are the normal blood vessels at the end of the rectum and everyone has them as part of their normal anatomy. However, when a patient starts experiencing hemorrhoid symptoms, such as bleeding, protrusion, itch and pain, that is when they need to seek medical attention. ACRS is the home of the most advanced hemorrhoid center of excellence in Georgia. Our physicians are experts in the evaluation of hemorrhoids and offer multiple treatment options. The vast majority of hemorrhoidal symptoms can be treated in painless, nonsurgical fashion in the office in a matter of a few seconds allowing patients to return directly to work or home without discomfort. Treatment options include topical medications, rubber band ligation, injection sclerotherapy, infrared coagulation, and surgery.

Center of Excellence: Robotic and Laparoscopic Surgery

The surgeons of ACRS are recognized as national leaders in robotic and laparoscopic surgery.. Laparoscopy is also known as minimally-invasive surgery. Minimally-invasive surgery can be done using traditional laparoscopy or through a robotic-assisted surgical system. Laparoscopy is also known as minimally-invasive surgery. Minimally-invasive surgery can be done using traditional laparoscopy or through a robotic-assisted surgical system. Minimally-invasive surgery allows patients who require surgery a shorter hospital stay, less discomfort and an earlier return to work. Both robotic surgery and laparoscopy offer minimally-invasive approaches to abdominal surgery. Minimally-invasive surgical techniques can be used to treat colon and rectal cancer, diverticulitis, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and other benign and malignant abdominal disorders. After thorough evaluation, our surgeons can offer minimally-invasive options for abdominal surgery when it is appropriate for the individual patient.

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