What is an Ostomy?

An ostomy is a surgically created exiting of the intestine through the skin on the front of the abdominal wall. An ileostomy is an ostomy made out of small intestine, while a colostomy is an ostomy made out of large intestine. Only a very small percentage of colon surgery patients will need an ostomy, and for most, it will be temporary. A temporary ostomy can usually be closed a few months after it is created with a small operation.

Is an Ostomy permanent?

Many patients who might otherwise believe they will need a permanent ostomy are pleased to find out that our physicians, due to their experience, can change the plan to a temporary ostomy. Most patients, though initially fearful and intimidated by the thought of an ostomy, find the experience to be much easier than they expect.

What restrictions accompany having an Ostomy?

A patient with an ostomy can do any activity, including sports and intimacy, and eat anything that they want. All of our hospitals have special nurses that help patients with their ostomy needs.

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