Anorectal Abscess

What is an anorectal abscess?

Anorectal abscesses are common benign conditions that present as a painful swelling near the anal opening. It results from an infected gland just inside the anus that subsequently develops into an infected cavity filled with pus.

What are the symptoms associated with anorectal abscess?

The symptoms that occur include pain and pressure in the anorectal area. The pain is often severe. There is frequently some swelling and redness around the anorectal area. Sometimes, spontaneous drainage of pus can occur. The area is usually very tender to touch. Fever and chills may also be present.

What treatment is prescribed for an anorectal abscess?

The primary treatment of any anorectal abscess is surgical drainage of the pus. Even if the abscess has opened and pus is draining a procedure is still needed to completely eradicate the infection. Patients often feel a tremendous relief and improvement upon waking up from surgery. Many can go back to work the next day.

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